75% of Israelis demand Netanyahu resign

The internal political crisis in Israel is growing: many citizens of the country believe that the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should resign. According to polls, 75% of Israelis believe he is responsible for the failure to effectively protect the cities that border the Gaza Strip.

This issue became especially relevant after the events of October 7, when the Hamas group attacked Israeli territory. But the criticism leveled at Netanyahu is not limited to public opinion. Three key Israeli government ministers are already threatening to resign due to Netanyahu's unwillingness to admit his guilt in the events of that date.

It should be noted that such internal tensions within Israel's political elite indicate a serious social and political split. This situation may affect further stability in the country and relations with neighboring states, especially in the context of the ongoing conflict with Palestine.

While Netanyahu remains one of the most prominent and long-lived figures in modern Israeli politics, his actions and decisions have become increasingly controversial among Israelis.


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