Airline Air India


8 people were injured due to the fire of the Indian aircraft carrier

Airliner airline «Air India» caught fire at the time of an emergency landing.

From official sources, news agency became aware that when the airline "Air India"Of the passenger flight Varanasi-Delhi, in preparation for landing, the pilot found a technical malfunction in the hydraulic system of the chassis, in view of which the aircraft initially produced fuel, and already with the direct landing, for reasons unknown at the moment, the aircraft ignited.

As a result of the incident reported at least 8 injured passengers, who upon arrival at the landing of rescuers and medical staff was provided with all necessary assistance.

According to preliminary versions, a technical malfunction due to which the ignition of the aircraft occurred was associated with the use of hydraulic fluid of a different composition, which disrupted the system, and subsequently, due to strong friction, led to its ignition.