900 of the 2300 Palestinian rockets fired successfully hit

Of the 900 Palestinian rockets fired, 2300 hit successfully.

According to data provided by the Israeli media, during the period of the outbreak of the armed Palestinian-Israeli conflict, about 2300 rockets were fired into Israel. Israel's air defense systems were able to successfully intercept about 1000 missiles and rockets, which confirms earlier reports that the effectiveness of repelling strikes from the Gaza Strip by Israeli air defense systems "Iron Dome" was only about 40%.

According to the Israeli media, out of 2300 missiles fired on the territory of the state, about one thousand were intercepted, while another 380 missiles and rockets fell on approach to the Israeli borders or in the uninhabited territories of Israel, which indicates that there is still order 900 shells successfully penetrated air defense areas and struck Israeli cities.

To date, the damage inflicted on Israel by the Palestinian strikes already amounts to over $ 2 billion, while the attempts of the Hamas movement to force Israel to abandon strikes on the Gaza Strip have turned into only an intensification of the escalation.

A little earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the conflict that began in the region directly threatens Russia, which probably indicates the readiness of the Russian side to intervene in it.

And nothing that the country of Israel occupies foreign territory and was created in the 60s of the 20th century by seizing this territory. The Jews do not have their own land, country, homeland. They have nothing. Everything is obtained through aggression and capture. These people have been without clan and tribe for centuries. Only Israel is to blame for this conflict. They are occupiers

Militants of the Arab countries are Putin's friends !!! It is necessary to understand !!!

An interesting movie! Jihad can shell civilians in Israel, people are dying, children are dying and the WORLD is silent !!! And when Israel defends itself and bombs the Bandit launchers, which are installed on the roofs of residential buildings, children's institutions, threatening the lives of their own residents, the WORLD accuses Israel of aggression !!!! Idiocy!!!

They say half of Israel has already been destroyed

I do not understand how this conflict can threaten the Russian Federation and WHY does the Russian Federation get involved?

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As usual, double standards, some countries can fire missiles at other countries, but just as missiles fly in the opposite direction, so can not others.