airship Airlander


92-meter airship made a 30-minute test flight

The largest aircraft took off on its maiden voyage in the world.

It is, of course, the huge Airlander a flying machine, which is a hybrid airship and aircraft. The first flight of the giant aircraft has been very successful - aircraft Airlander could not only successfully leave the airfield Cardington, but also completely controlled produce 30-minute flight.

With a length of 92 meters, the aircraft can carry not only the large number of people, but also the huge loads, which is why the prospect of Airlander aircraft clearly present, and, in spite of the large dimensions of the airship hybrid and aircraft is highly maneuverable, which is facilitated by modern systems management and powerful engines.

IN FEBRUARY 2013 years - I have published on the Internet a new idea ...

MARTIAL airship - How to capture the cruise missiles: the idea.
The main advantages of cruise missiles is that they fly very low above the ground ... or above the surface of the water ... So they difficult to detect by radar.
And why not use the airship for air defense - as in the good old days of World War II? !!
Using the HUGE carrying capacity of the airship - you can load it with a rich supply of ANTI-MISSION, "attach" a radar and a thermal imager ... Unlimited time, IN AUTOMATIC MODE ...
"I SEE EVERYTHING FROM Above - you should know so!"
A cruise missile flying FAST in dense lower atmosphere and heated by friction with the air, plus the engine is running - it is difficult to anything more confused, but it is easy to detect the top and a thermal imager, and the radar ... and shoot down issued intercept antimissile !! !
Airships can carry on your body huge antenna diameter 60 meters and even more! What gives sverhordinarnogo gains and high resolution.