99,999% target interception: Russia has adopted the most advanced and accurate air defense system in the world - it already protects the Crimea

In service with Russia, the most advanced and error-free air defense system in the world has appeared.

Having completed the development of the latest air defense system in the world, Russia has become the first and today the only country in the world that can guarantee the successful interception of aerodynamic and winged targets. The likelihood that an enemy aircraft or missile will pass by the latest air defense system is an insignificant fraction of a percent - 0,001%.

According to the Russian defense department, the latest system that guarantees the defeat of air targets within its radius of action with a probability of 99,999%, and we are talking about the Buk-M3 air defense system, will be deployed on the southern border of Russia, in particular, we are talking about the Krasnodar Territory and probably the Crimean peninsula.

“The novelty is capable of hitting not only planes and helicopters, but also cruise missiles, drones and even hypersonic targets,” the newspaper writes. It is also noted there that the timing of the arming of SAM systems depends on the fulfillment of the state defense order by the enterprises of the military-industrial complex ”, - sources in the country's defense department say.

According to previously presented data, the success rate of hitting an air target is 99,999%, and the probability of a successful interception of a cruise missile is 80%, which suggests that Russia has achieved incredible success in developing means of protection against air threats, especially if we take into account the fact that one Buk-M3 is equipped immediately with twelve anti-aircraft guided missiles.

The guy is apparently very far from simple mathematics. For guaranteed interception of the target, usually 1, and now 2, missiles are not used. In the army, apparently he worked more with a shovel, not with brains !!

It would be better if they created a drug that heals with such a probability! Yes, and from whom to defend here, almost everything belongs to our potential opponents!

99.999% chance of intercepting an air target? Either the journalists messed up something or the developers were schoolchildren. It is impossible to create a missile defense system that will intercept targets with such a huge probability. Well, just if it is a laser weapon or a mega powerful EMP gun, and not some antediluvian Soviet BUK. Russian military propaganda has an aggravation of the PGM.

Great news. Thank!