Airplane passenger


Absolute barbarism! The disgusting act of an air passenger outraged the whole world

The unhygienic act of an airline passenger amid a pandemic outraged the whole world.

Users of social networks were extremely outraged by the act of a passenger of one of the foreign airlines, who, in the context of the pandemic, behaved not only rudely, but also extremely rude towards other passengers on board. The men considered the act barbaric and extremely disgusting, demanding that the airlines respond to this.

“The footage posted on the web shows that one of the travelers took off his shoes completely and placed his bare feet on a nearby chair, resting his fingers on the armrest. “Maybe we should now think about foot masks? Yeah, socks ... My God, please wear them! " - says the signature to the post. Account subscribers discussed the situation in the comments. “Once I took off my shoes on the plane and put my feet on a chair, but I had three out of four chairs at my disposal - and even then I put a jacket between my legs and the chair”, “This is worse than a coronavirus infection”, “Let's ban shoes open toe on planes "," What terrible nails "," What an abomination "," People are not ashamed of anything at all, "they wrote", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "".

As representatives of air carriers themselves note, such cases are far from uncommon, however, often the airline cannot take any measures, since despite such behavior of passengers, they do not violate the rules of air transportation, however, it is obvious that such behavior needs to be fought, which , by the way, it is quite actively used by Russian carriers in relation to passengers who create troubles for other citizens on board.