Kemerovo Airport


"Aeroflot" did not let the Russian musician into the plane because of inadequate behavior

Russian singer Roman Zhukov was not allowed on board because of inappropriate behavior.

According to the information portal, the Russian pop singer behaved inadequately at the Kemerovo airport, which in turn caused the termination of the contract of air transportation in accordance with Article 107 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation on the initiative of the air operator. According to some unofficial data, Roman Zhukov was in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication, and the singer's attempts to prove anything to the employees of Aeroflot, which was supposed to take off on the route Kemerovo-Moscow, were unsuccessful, and moreover, the star of the Russian the stage was taken to the duty room, where a protocol was subsequently drawn up for it.

At best, the musician faces a fine of 500 rubles for appearing in a public place while intoxicated, at worst, an administrative arrest of up to 15 days.