Flight delay


Aeroflot fined for flight delay

For delay their flight, "Aeroflot" will pay the passenger 56 thousand.

As the information resource Avia.pro, the conflict between the woman and the airline has arisen due to the fact that the airline "Aeroflot" delayed execution of flights from Perm - Moscow, however, because of this incident, a woman among other things could not get another flight in view of what she had to buy new tickets, which naturally led to financial costs.

In addition to the judicial authorities dealing with proceedings in this case, the position of the client "Aeroflot" was supported by the Federal Service, which is why, ultimately, the court decided to collect airline sum of 56 thousand rubles, of which 6 thousand assessed as a penalty for violation of consumer rights .

At the moment, the problem of delays and cancellations of flights is very acute for the entire civil aviation, and according to experts, the exclusive control of this part of the state, will help to reduce these figures by 70%.

If the flight is delayed through the fault of airlines, all subsequent costs it bears airline, not the passenger!



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