Aeroflot Airline


"Aeroflot" has postponed the purchase of new aircraft to 2019 years

"Aeroflot" airline has no plans to purchase new aircraft.

Not long ago, news agency reported on alleged plans of the largest in the Russian Federation carrier to purchase more number of aircraft, however, on the eve of the day, there were reports from the wording that the airline "Aeroflot" has postponed the purchase of new aircraft, at least, for three years. As experts explain, the temporary postponement of the process of fleet renewal due to the slowdown in the growth of passenger traffic, which is why the completion of the new aircraft fleet will be possible to 2019 years ago.

it should be noted that fact in its turn, that information appeared on the eve of the day that the SC "Aeroflot" intends to acquire new aircraft for loukostera "Victory".