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Aeroflot will spend 90 million rubles to celebrate its anniversary

Aeroflot intends to spend 90 million rubles on its anniversary.

On March 17, 2018, the Russian air carrier Aeroflot will celebrate its 95th anniversary, and as it became known to the portal, the company's management intends to allocate about 90 million rubles for the celebration. What exactly is the reason for spending such a large sum of money so far remains unknown, however, according to unofficial data, most of the money will be directed to such an event as the presentation of the Runway Prize, as well as to the solemn meeting of Aeroflot veterans.

It should be noted that Aeroflot is the largest carrier in the Russian Federation, serving tens of millions of passengers annually.

Give the employees a bonus !! All the money has nowhere to go, do not know what to spend!

Round date! And veterans must be congratulated!
Only with all other things being equal, we should not forget that this is a national air carrier and is a state-owned company - budget! So at whose expense the holiday will be?