Change fleet


Aeroflot sells Soviet airbuses

April 3rd. The main Russian air carrier, Aeroflot, has officially put up Soviet aircraft for sale IL-96-300, Called among people as the Soviet Airbus.

6 civil aviation aircraft are displayed for sale in a single lot, and motifs themselves precipitated the company to this are, first and foremost, in the renewal of its fleet. The planes are in perfect condition, and their last trip was committed at the end of March, when the airplanes of this model made flights from Moscow to Tashkent.

It is planned that in the future, "aeroflot"Put up for sale and other outdated machines to date, but the exact dates have not called, as the decommissioning will be gradual, and it may be extended for several years.

The cost of long-range aircraft has not yet been disclosed, but according to experts, it is unlikely to exceed the price of 15 million dollars for one airliner.