Aeroflot Airline


Aeroflot decided to criticize the investigation of the SSJ-100 catastrophe in Sheremetyevo

The airline "Aeroflot" criticized the investigation of the crash at Sheremetyevo.

Despite the fact that the actions of the crew members who crashed at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport of a passenger airliner Sukhoi Superjet 100 are numerous errors and violations, the airline decided to criticize a number of existing arguments, standing up for its employees.

According to representatives of Aeroflot, the crew did not violate the existing instructions by their actions.

“The flaps were in a position consistent with the landing procedure and in accordance with the existing system failure. In addition, according to the procedure, the reverse is switched on first, and then on a steady run along the runway, spoilers are produced. Therefore, in view of the absence of a stable path, the release of the interceptors was impossible. It is necessary to add that the requirements for airworthiness standards for aircraft certification are designed in such a way as to prevent the deterioration of the situation to catastrophic in any event. ”, - said in a statement the airline "Aeroflot".

It should be clarified that, despite the comments of Aeroflot, the investigation has a large number of questions about the crew of the SSJ-100 airliner.