Aeroflot and Transaero


"Aeroflot" requires a "Transaero" debt in the amount of 2 bln. Rubles

"Aeroflot" has submitted to the "Transaero" new lawsuit.

To date, available news agency there is evidence that management "Aeroflot" airline has decided to sue the airline "Transaero", which they want to work in the near future to restore, 2 billion rubles. What exactly caused the current supply of claim in "Transaero", especially given that the debt is sufficiently old, remain unknown, however, some experts called it an attempt to "finish" once one of the largest Russian carriers.

On representative data, the total amount of debt the airline "Transaero" today is about 160 billion rubles.

Do not give them a reason to resume the flights ...

Try to finish as the best airline of the country ..
But we are more concerned about when the last employees to pay the debt! How long can you wait ?!