Aeroflot Airline


"Aeroflot" for the first time made a profit in three years

Net profit of "Aeroflot" in 2016 totaled almost 40 billion. Rubles.

As the official report of the company "Aeroflot", at the end of the year 2016 achieved a profit of 38,8 billion. Rubles, while total revenue in 495,9 billion. Rubles. The experts highly appreciated the outcome, as the profit obtained by Aeroflot for the last three years, the first time reached a positive value, indicating that the company is developing in the right direction.

Among other things, it should also clarify the fact that in 2016, the company "Aeroflot" has also managed to increase the performance and passenger traffic, which amounted to 43,4 million. People, which exceeds 2015 10,3% on the year