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Aeroflot detects 70% of brawlers even before boarding the plane

"Aeroflot" identifies potential aviadeboshirov before boarding a flight.

Due to certain skills, it is possible to detain citizens who raise suspicion among the airline's employees for their very inadequate behavior, often associated with the adoption of alcohol. According to some information, at airports it is possible to detain up to 70% of violators, however, according to experts, not always such actions on the part of the air carrier can be regarded as rational and effective, and other things being equal, airline passengers can simply file an air carrier in court and without Special problems to win the case, having received an impressive compensation, both for the ticket purchased, and for moral damage.

According to, on the territory of Russia there are on average two cases of avtodoboshirstvo every day, and today this problem is quite acute, and it requires an effective solution.