Abu Dhabi airport hit by 30 Houthi strikes

Abu Dhabi airport was hit by 20 drone strikes and 10 ballistic missile strikes.

Yemeni rebels launched a series of 30 attacks on the largest international airport in the world - Abu Dhabi (UAE). According to information available to the news agency, Abu Dhabi International Airport was attacked by 20 attack drones (kamikaze drones - ed.) and 10 ballistic missiles of an unidentified type, the airport infrastructure was partially destroyed and The airport is experiencing problems with the acceptance of aircraft.

On the video footage presented, you can see the first moments after the strikes on the Abu Dhabi International Airport. According to official figures, as a result of attacks by Yemeni rebels, three people were killed and six were injured, however, taking into account unofficial data, we are talking about the death of at least three dozen people and a large number of wounded. It is known that in addition to strikes on the new terminal of the Abu Dhabi International Airport, strikes were also carried out on the industrial zone. As a result of this, three oil storage facilities were destroyed, as well as a military air base, as a result of which several military aircraft were destroyed.  

"Small fragments of the drones were recovered from the explosion of three oil storage facilities at an industrial estate and a fire at an airport," police said as Houthi rebels announced "military operations" in the UAE. The UAE, which significantly reduced its military presence in Yemen in 2019, continues to control the Yemeni forces it has armed and trained. Drone attacks are a hallmark of Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, an ally of the UAE that is leading a coalition fighting for the Yemeni government in a brutal civil war., - reports the news agency Al Jazeera.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is included in the ranking of the 100 largest airports in the world in terms of passenger traffic.


According to updated data available by the current hour, the UAE’s air defense / missile defense systems have not intercepted a single ammunition fired by the Houthis. At the same time, 8 drones were intercepted by air defense systems of Saudi Arabia.

The rebels are winning!

A lot has been sucked out of your finger - why did they put a photo of a plane crash at Dubai airport as an illustration a few years ago? The airport itself was not damaged. Drones exploded at a construction site near the airport.

Who recently argued. Here is the confirmation: "10 ballistic missile strikes." + "20 drone strikes" == "30 Houthi strikes"

War happens without compromise. Return arrived successfully