Ekaterinburg Airport took puffed passenger plane


Ekaterinburg Airport took puffed passenger plane

January 30 2014. The plane "Ural Airlines”, Scheduled to Namangan, to Uzbekistan, from Ekaterinburg had to go back to Koltsovo Airport due to technical problems.

The press service of the airline explained that, while gaining altitude, the pilot noticed problems with the air conditioning system, which refused to work. The crew needed to make a return landing at the airport, having previously disabled the faulty system. 52 passenger and 8 person of air personnel who were on board the liner, fortunately, did not suffer and did not need medical help.

Law enforcement authorities reported that the problem was the smoke in the cockpit of the pilot, which led to an emergency landing. By the way, a special commission was set up to thoroughly investigate the incident.

"Interfax" reports that the online scoreboard on the airport Koltsovo reported information about the departure of the aircraft on this flight, which will be implemented in 19: 30 local or 17: 30 Moscow time.