Airport Khrabrovo is getting stronger


Airport Khrabrovo is getting stronger

23 February 2014 «Khrabrovo”, The domestic airport in Kaliningrad, made a decision to choose an air carrier, the administration of which would be permanently based on the port territory. This is primarily due to the fact that it is necessary to complete the construction of an international terminal, for which there are no funds.

Director of "Khrabrovo" Andrey Tyurin does not exclude the possibility of creating their own airline, although this question is hampered by financial problems.

However, the choice of Russian airlines is small, no one wants to establish their headquarters in Kaliningrad. The main interest is shown by representatives of foreign air carriers, but local authorities are against it.

Experts from the aviation industry do not believe in the possibility of a basic accommodation at the Kaliningrad airport of any of the existing domestic flight crews with their crews. It is worth recalling that at this airport there was already one basic company, KD Avia, which ended its activities with the opening of criminal cases and complete bankruptcy.


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