International Airport Kaluga


Airport Kaluga actively stepping up its performance

Kaluga International Airport is actively stepping up their performance.

For the three months to June 16 16 September Kaluga Airport took over 200 passenger flights and served about 5 thousand passengers, which is a kind of a record for the air hub. As the general director of the International Airport Kaluga, the growth performance of the air hub, gives an indication that demand there is, and in the near future to achieve new record results, which in turn will demonstrate the importance of this air harbor in the Russian civil aviation. portal in turn specifies that in 2008 year, the passenger traffic figures of the Kaluga airport were only 500-2000 people per year, however, to date, this figure has grown at least several dozen times, and according to experts , To 2020 year, passenger flow of the International Airport of Kaluga will increase to a mark of 250 thousand people.