Pulkovo Airport


Pulkovo Airport was named the best in Russia

Pulkovo Airport is named the best Russian air harbor.

According to experts, due to the fact that the leadership of the St. Petersburg airport maintains a high quality of service for passengers and airlines, and today very active in developing its infrastructure and activities, for this reason, and Pulkovo is the best harbor of the Russian Federation.

It should be clarified that among other things, in choosing the best air passengers in addition to the harbor, also journalists who have come to believe that the best airport in Russia is Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

It is important to note that due to the fact that the activities of Russian airports is constantly improving and developing the quality of services is also growing.

During the Soviet period. Yes. Not today. A view at the expense of passenger traffic are not objectively. Skip this flow through Vladivostok and it will be better. A Domodedovo due to the number of companies and the cost of tickets. For businesses economically.