Aircraft at the airport


Simferopol Airport broke the record of Soviet 29-year-old

The passenger turnover of the Simferopol airport broke the USSR record of time.

Currently, the volume of passenger traffic close to the absolute maximum, and as previously stated the power of the Crimean peninsula, at the end of 2015 years, the total volume of passengers can approach 4,5 million people, while the plans for the next year is expected to reach the target of 5 million passengers.

The peak load on the Simferopol airport this year reached 202 flights per day, while the maximum capacity of the airport is only 186 flights per year, while the current rate was only 29 years ago, in 1986.

Specialists say that in the near future it is worth considering the expansion of Simferopol airport, because in the future, this air transport junction will simply not cope with aircraft reception, especially if we take into account the fact that next year in the Crimea foreign flights can start flying airlines.


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