Airbus A321


Voronezh Airport received a certificate for reception of airplanes Airbus A321

Voronezh airport was allowed to make passenger planes Airbus A321.

As the information portal, the first passenger aircraft Airbus A321 Voronezh airport will be taken in the autumn-winter season, with it, thanks to the admission to the reception and maintenance of aircraft, can significantly increase the passenger and air hub itself.

Experts do not exclude that next year the largest Russian air carriers may lay their routes through Voronezh, which will naturally lead not only to an intensive development of the airport complex infrastructure, but also allow the citizens of the country to travel more comfortably between various Russian cities.

It should be clarified that to date passenger aircraft Airbus A321 are the largest in the family of Airbus A320 aircraft, and given the fact that these planes are quite popular and Russian air carriers, it is necessary to assume that the certificate for accepting aircrafts of this model will bring certain prospects.


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