Airline YUVT Aero


Airport took first Russian Zhukovsky flight

At the Zhukovsky airport, the first Russian flight landed.

Passenger flights between Kazan and the capital's airport, Zhukovsky organized on the eve of the day the air carrier "YUVT Aero", while, in fact, flights shedule not noted a significant reduction in passenger traffic during the flight in the air harbor, however, according to news, flight load was less than expected, in particular, it was assumed that the first flight will be at least 40 passengers (flights are carried out on the aircraft Bombardier CRJ-200 50 capacity of people - Ed.). however, in reality, the aircraft was loaded only half.

should be clarified, in turn, that the first airline, which was to carry out flights in Zhukovsky airport was the carrier "Belavia", performing daily flights from Minsk.