The view from the passenger aircraft


Airports in the Middle East have resumed work after a sandstorm

Sharm El Sheikh Airport regained their jobs after a sandstorm.

Currently, one of the largest airports in the world receives and sends planes for all available destinations, at the time, the day before it was impossible because of almost zero visibility caused by dust and sand in the air. Abnormal sandstorm also affected the Russian tourists vacationing in Sharm El-Sheikh, who were unable to fly home due to the cancellation of a number of flights.

According to preliminary data, just because of the lack of air communication with Sharm El Sheikh, at least a thousand passengers suffered, excluding those who could not fly out of this resort.

Based on the communications specialists, information portals learned that inherently sandstorm has not stopped, however, the zone air routes she actually left, thereby restoring air service in the territory of such countries as Saudi Arabia, Israel and others.


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