Domodedovo airport


Airports will be responsible for delays and cancellations of flights

The Ministry of Transport intends to oblige airports to serve passengers in case of delays and cancellations of flights.

For Russian airports, this means additional costs, while experts still can not understand why air havens should pay for the maintenance of passengers, although this will entirely be the fault of airlines. According to some information, such duties of airports will be laid down at the legislative level, however, in fact, this does not negate the responsibility of carriers, and therefore experts recommend that fines for delaying flights be increased several times.

It should be clarified that, despite the fact that the company "VIM-Avia" was a TOP-10 largest carriers of Russia, the aviation authorities were not able to track serious problems of the carrier, resulting in injuring tens of thousands of passengers.

Stupidity on the part of the economic and social. Offer from illiterate "managers" who do not have practical work experience in the GA.