Afghans hijack 26 helicopters and 35 military aircraft from the Taliban

The Taliban were deprived of 61 units of military aircraft.

From members of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned in Russia - editor's note), former Afghan Air Force pilots hijacked at least 61 pieces of military aircraft. According to updated information obtained by the news agency, the Afghan Air Force pilots evacuated from the country managed to hijack at least 26 helicopters and 35 military aircraft to neighboring states, thereby depriving the Taliban of a significant part of usable military equipment.

According to the agency, we are talking about the following equipment:

  • 19 Mi-17 helicopters;
  • 7 UH-60 helicopters;
  • 7 attack aircraft A-29 Tucano (one plane was shot down by the air defense of Uzbekistan);
  • 17 light multipurpose aircraft Cessna 209B;
  • 11 Pilatus-12NG aircraft.

It is known that part of the equipment of the already former Afghan Air Force is located on the territory of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. There is information that in the near future this equipment will be relocated to American military bases within the framework of the agreements reached between the countries.

Earlier, there was information that military aviation from the Afghan planes that arrived in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan attacked Taliban terrorists, but this information was never able to receive documentary confirmation.

That is, they provoke the Taliban to attack Central Asia ...

How I got it. Only Russia sold them to America and put the money in an American bank ... For obvious reasons.

The Taliban will consider themselves free from all "promises". It will come back to haunt the Tajiks and the Russian Federation.

And Russia, at least one was "captured" UH-60