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Afghanistan asks Russia for help in the fight against the Taliban

The Afghan Defense Ministry reports on a request for military assistance from Russia.

The Defense Ministry of Afghanistan, against the background of the almost complete transfer of the country's territory under the control of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned on the territory of Russia - editor's note), reports that a request was sent to Russia for the provision of military assistance to Afghanistan. This, as it turned out, is about the intentions of the official Kabul to purchase a batch of combat helicopters from Russia. And, obviously, Kabul intends to conclude a deal in the coming days, since, as previously stated, terrorists can take control of the Afghan capital within the next 72-96 hours.

“To strengthen our air force, we asked and offered to purchase new helicopters from the Russian side. And, of course, we are talking about the fact that these helicopters will be purchased by our resources, our finances. And I expect a response from the Russian Federation on this issue ", - the Afghan Foreign Ministry confirmed the request from the country's defense department.

Apparently, the request of the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan was sent to the Russian side a long time ago. So far, there are no statements from Russia on this score.

Today the situation on the territory of Afghanistan is close to critical - 90% of the country's territory is already under the control of the Taliban, and by the beginning of next week a complete seizure of the state by militants is possible.

That's right, this is called being drawn into the war. Russia will have to provide military assistance, namely, to supply equipment for the VERY specific conditions of Afgan. For technicians, application specialists, Contingent of guarding technicians and specialists. And the use of this technique means KILL opponents. I am sure that our responsible structures will have enough intelligence and common sense not to get involved in the internal squabbles of Afgan.

only the brother of the pale-faced can step twice on the rake.

Several dozen helicopters will not make the weather.

Do they want to buy helicopters? Well, let's sell, for gold, or for euros. Why not sell.

And these turntables will immediately end up with the Taliban, and the Russian Federation will have no reputation? Then the Taliban should be sold right away. But with a condition.
A real man will certainly miss .. amers and Israelis .. go ahead :)

What is the point of helping a dead man?

Nothing can be done there without the consent of China and Iran. And they are against ..

We'll help now, and then we'll be bad again

You need to ask your friends from the USA for help. Again they want to drag Russia into a war with the Taliban.

Oh, I remember how the IAK asked for ammunition for the GRAD, when the Taliban were at the borders of Uzbekistan, then Yeltsin-Chernomyrdin also thought for a long time, and as a result, China helped with 2 wagons of ammunition. still answer. As it turned out later, the Kremlin demanded the protection of the border itself, as in Tajikistan.

Let the states and Israel help them to quarrel with the Taliban, if the army corps surrendered there without a fight



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