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Afghan army received helicopters with a set of weapons and is ready to strike at the Taliban

The rebuilding Afghan army received Russian Mi-17 helicopters.

The rebuilding forces of Afghanistan, formed north of Kabul, already control two Afghan provinces, and their total number is already about 10 thousand people. According to information obtained by the news agency, the forces of the Northern Alliance managed to take possession of at least one Mi-17 helicopter with a full complement of weapons. At the same time, there is evidence that the rebel forces are armed with a second helicopter - both vehicles were transferred by Ukraine after repairs and are now in good condition.

“The fate of one of the Mi-17V-5 helicopters received for repair by Ukraine from Afghanistan has become known. According to the reader, they still managed to transfer it to the Afghan authorities before the collapse of the regime. But, according to available information, he did not get to the Taliban. It is now being used by opposition forces in Panjer. The situation with the second Mi-17V-5 is still unknown ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "Militarist".

At the moment, it is known that the forces of the Northern Alliance are armed with several hundred units of armored vehicles, several dozen tanks and other weapons. This can become a very serious problem for the Taliban, who have never been able to take control of the entire territory of Afghanistan.

“So far, the Northern Alliance does not have enough strength to resist the Taliban army (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.), However, this is quite enough to start clearing out the provinces. If the Afghan forces use outside help, for example, from Iran, Russia or NATO countries, the Taliban may suffer very large losses, especially since their forces are now concentrated and the militants may suffer colossal losses with powerful air strikes. ", - the expert marks.

Earlier it became known that the rebuilding Afghan army managed to defeat detachments of several hundred terrorists.

now I'll think about it and sell it with all the weapons

according to the State Department, 15 Americans remain in Afghanistan. they seem to be hitting the Taliban.



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