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Afghan resistance issues radical ultimatum to Taliban

First ultimatum issued to Taliban terrorists.

The Afghan resistance forces, which continue to control the Afghan province of Panjshir, have issued an ultimatum to the Taliban terrorists. In exchange for the withdrawal of the Taliban, the militias offer to start negotiations, otherwise, the losses of the Taliban will continue to grow at an intensive pace.

“The front of national resistance is ready to immediately stop the war in order to achieve a stable peace, if the group Taliban will cease its military attacks and movements in Panjshir and Andarab. The National Resistance Front is committed to peacefully resolving differences with the Taliban in accordance with the principles of religion and morality and is confident that the country's future system will work with the Taliban and other groups and sects representing the Afghan people. "- said in his address the leader of the resistance forces of Afghanistan Ahmad Massoud.

If the Taliban refuse to accept the ultimatum of the militia forces, the losses of terrorists will continue to grow (to date, they have already reached 6 thousand people - editor's note), because, despite the fact that the Taliban terrorist movement has thrown into battle their vanguards, the latter failed to advance in any way into the militia-held province of Afghanistan.

“The Northern Alliance is directly hinting to the Taliban that they have no further options. The militants should either go for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, which probably should mean the formation of autonomy, or continue to lose both their reputation among their own forces and the terrorists themselves. It is important to remind that the resistance forces still have combat aircraft and the current losses may be so significant for the Taliban that the terrorist group may even lose control over the rest of Afghanistan. ", - the expert marks.

Judging by the composition of the declared Taliban pledging, this movement does not intend to change its essence and be guided by the interests of all Afghans. This means that all neighbors need to be attentive to this new state and to harbor illusions about the quick establishment of peace in Afghanistan. Northern Territory leaders need to keep their gunpowder dry.

And that the Taliban have written so few losses, only 6000, we must immediately write 600000 or more. Another Armenian radio.

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