The engine aircraft


An African American tried to fly away in a jet engine. Video

The stowaway attempted to fly away in an airliner, hiding in its engine.

At the disposal of the news agency was a unique video showing how an unknown African American is trying to fly away like a hare on a passenger airliner, while hiding in the aircraft engine.

In the video footage presented, you can see a middle-aged man climbing onto the wing of a passenger airliner and then trying to get into the engine in order to fly away on the plane. The men have already called this completely stupid act an attempt to receive a "Darwin prize", however, the reaction of passengers and crew members saved him from the tragedy.

The network also reacted to the act of men

"When you really want to fly away, but you don't know how"

"He really would have been able to fly with the engines running, but only a few tens of meters."

"Another superintelligence conquers aviation"

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