Aggressive hamster attacked the Ukrainian military

In Ukraine, an aggressive hamster attacked the Ukrainian military.

A group of Ukrainian soldiers was attacked by an aggressive hamster. The incident occurred after a group of Ukrainian servicemen noticed a rodent and tried to chase it to find out where the latter was trying to hide. However, the animal did not like this behavior of the Ukrainian soldiers, and after several warnings addressed to them, the hamster attacked one of the Ukrainian soldiers.

On the video footage taken by the Ukrainian military, you can see that the wild animal did not like the excessive attention from the Ukrainian military. The rodent initially tried to warn the Ukrainian soldiers that they were ready to attack, however, after several attempts failed to convince the Ukrainian soldiers, the beast attacked the soldier who approached it.

Apparently, a Ukrainian soldier suffered from an attack by a combat hamster, and although the bite of an animal can hardly be called fatal, given that rodents carry various kinds of diseases, such an attack could well have ended in death for the Ukrainian military.


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