Airbus handed over its aircraft C295 Poland.


Airbus handed over its aircraft C295 Poland.

7 November 2013. The Polish Ministry of Defense received military transport aircraft C295 from the Airbus construction concern. The vessel arrived at the airbase in Krakow on 2 November 2013.

Earlier, in June 2012, Poland had already received from Airbus three transport aircraft, the cost of which was $ 262 million.

At the moment, 17 C-295 transporters are located in Poland. The first 8 was purchased back in 2001 for $ 212 million. Also, the contract concluded at 2001 included the delivery of another 4 aircraft that Poland acquired in 2006-2007. The purchase price was $ 52,3 million and $ 56,8 million.

At the conclusion of the contract in 2012 year, the cost included the logistics service (for 10 years), the delivery of equipment and simulator.

C295 ships speed up to 580 km / h and fly at a distance of up to 1,3 thousand km. The maximum weight that an aircraft can lift is 9,3 tonnes.