Airbus will increase the scale of production of aircraft A320


Airbus will increase the scale of production of aircraft A320

02 in March 2014 Airbus decided to increase aircraft production in 2 quarter of 2014 Type A320: from current monthly 42 to 46 units. The transition to new production rates will be gradual. It is planned in 1, the quarter of 2014, to achieve production of 44 aircraft per month.

"Taking into account the high demand for A320 aircraft and the readiness of our supplies, we decided to increase production rates in the 2 quarter of the 2014 year to 46 per month," said Tom Williams, executive director of Airbus production programs. "Now the order book of aircraft of this family is more than 4200 copies. The increase in production capacity will give us the opportunity to satisfy the ever-growing demand for this type of aircraft."

Airbus over the past five years has increased the pace of production of A320 type aircraft gradually. So, at the end of 2010, the company produced 36 airplanes, 38 - in August 2011, 40 - in the first quarter 2012, 42 monthly - from the end of 2012.

Since the launch of the first A320, Airbus has sold more 10200 aircraft of this 400 family to operators and customers around the world, which confirmed the status of the company as the world's most successful manufacturer of commercial narrow-body airliners.