Supersonic aircraft Airbus


Airbus has patented a new supersonic passenger airliner

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has patented the design of supersonic aircraft.

The development of a new supersonic aircraft can begin already in the next few years, while experts are confident that with the launch of these aircraft, the idea of ​​civilian passenger transportation will completely change.

According to the information available to the news agency, the supersonic passenger airliner will be able to accelerate to 4,5 Mach, which exceeds the speed of sound propagation by 4,5 times (about 5 thousand kilometers per hour - ed.), Thus allowing long-distance flights to be made Only for 1-2 hours.

Experts do not exclude that it is possible to design a supersonic aircraft can be equipped with conventional turbofan engines, which in turn will allow the aircraft to operate even during air travel over short distances.


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