Aeroflot shareholders failed to vote to acquire six Boeing aircraft


Aeroflot shareholders failed to vote to acquire six Boeing aircraft

27 January 2014. The shareholders of Aeroflot did not make a decision to buy six new Boeing vehicles on the leasing system. Five days ago the general meeting of the company's shareholders was held, the results of which were reported soon.

The company said that it was known about the terms of delivery, and they were planned for the first five months of the year 2014 - from January to May, where the terms were specified, and the possibility of their transfer or extension. The lease term was maximum 12 years.

The cost of the transaction under the leasing system assumes 1,8 billion dollars. This, as was noted, corresponded to the market level.

According to the message, consideration of this issue was announced at an extraordinary important general meeting among the shareholders of Aeroflot. "As the dollar rate fluctuates daily, the ratio of the transaction value to the book value of the assets of the firm"aeroflot". Therefore, at the end of last year, the Board of Directors, within its competence, approved it, and now, regardless of the absence of a positive decision by the general shareholders' meeting, the transaction will still be approved. Six new airliners Boeing 777-300ER will arrive in accordance with the terms of the terms of the transaction, "the company said in a statement.



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