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Active tests of the Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile will begin next year

Russia will continue active testing of its nuclear-powered cruise missile next year.

Starting next year, the Russian military will begin active testing of the promising Russian Burevestnik cruise missile, which will be equipped with a nuclear power plant. This missile can be adopted by the Russian army by 2030, and, judging by the fact that a series of tests has already been successfully passed, experts believe that from next year, long-range launches will be carried out.

To date, relatively little is known about the unique Russian military development. Apparently, the key problem with a cruise missile with nuclear power plants is the lack of stability in the operation of the nuclear power plant itself. In particular, earlier it was reported about several unsuccessful launches of this rocket with the fall of the latter into the sea. The Russian Defense Ministry did not confirm this information.

According to previously released information, the Russian Burevestnik cruise missile will have a supersonic speed. At the same time, the range and duration of its flight are not limited, thanks to the use of a nuclear power plant.


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