Airline UTair


Utair assets were arrested

The court arrested the assets of the company "UTair"For a total amount of 86 million rubles.

According to information received by the portal portal, it became known that the assets of the Russian air carrier were arrested by the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug after the suit of the insurance company VSK.

At the moment, it became known that the consideration of the case on the claim of the VSK insurance company will begin on October 19, 2015, while the decision related to the seizure of the assets of the UTair airline is mainly based on the fact that VSK intends to recover from UTair a nominal the cost of exchange bonds.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that despite the financial difficulties that have arisen in one of the largest Russian air carriers, according to, the amount of the airline's debt to creditors is gradually decreasing - if at the end of 2014 the airline's debt was about 167 billion rubles, Then at the moment this figure fell below the level of 160 billion rubles.