Al Jazeera: with the S-400, Putin is shaking the whole world

Qatar announced a change in the balance of power on the planet with the advent of C-400.

Despite the fact that the Triumph C-400 Russian anti-aircraft missile systems appeared in service with the Russian army a long time ago, they only began to realize the real danger of these air and missile defense systems in the world. According to Qatar, with the help of the Triumphs, Russia can radically change the balance of power on the entire planet, and this process has already been launched.

After the United States of America announced its readiness to impose sanctions against any country acquiring the Russian Triumph C-400 air defense system, these air defense / missile defense systems began to be actively bought up not only by the Russian allies, but also by the Americans, which in essence became the best advertising Russian weapons. To date, the contract for the supply of the Russian C-400 “Triumph” air defense system has been concluded with India, however, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also plan to purchase these complexes, which underlines the transition of the Middle East to highly efficient Russian weapons, despite the threat of the United States to impose sanctions.

“The C-400 missiles have twice the speed of the Patriot missiles, their target range is three times greater, and the rate of alert to combat is five times higher. The complex can also send a greater number of missiles to 13, all for 92 million dollars, compared with the price of a billion dollars for the Patriot complex. ”, - notes "Al-Jazeera."

According to experts, Russia has created a truly effective weapon that could shake the US position and radically change the balance of forces on the world stage.