Al Masdar News: Russia has created a no-fly zone over northern Syria - helicopters and fighter jets in the sky

A no-fly zone has been created over northern Syria.

According to information provided by the Arab information resource Al Masdar News, Russia has introduced a no-fly zone over northern Syria. The main objective of this is to ensure the security of Russian military patrols, and, most likely, to prevent air strikes from Turkey on the positions of the Syrian Kurds.

“Russia begins an air patrol over northern Syria, introduces a no-fly zone. According to the pilot [Russian military pilot Dmitry Ivanov - approx. Ed.], the main purpose of the patrols, which will be held daily, is to ensure security in the patrol areas and escorting convoys of the military police ", - the Arab edition informed.

At the same time, today in the afternoon from the Khmeimim airbase, numerous sorties of Russian combat aircraft were recorded, which are also supposed to be sent to patrol the airspace over the northern part of Syria, however, no official statements to this effect from the command of the Russian airborne forces in Syria not yet.