Aliyev announced the use of Turkish F-16s against Armenia

Azerbaijan announced the beginning of the use of Turkish F-16s, but against Armenia.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced the beginning of the use of Turkish F-16 fighters against Armenia, emphasizing that the fighters will be used against "external aggression", obviously implying the recent strikes of Yerevan on the territory of Azerbaijan.

“I am often asked: what are the Turkish F-16s doing here? I'm tired of answering. If you have satellites, then look to make sure they are on the ground and not in the sky. They came here to participate in the exercises and stayed here when the war broke out. Our Turkish brothers left them for moral support to us. But if there is outside aggression against us, they will see these F-16s. "- said the Azerbaijani leader.

Azerbaijan, as well as Russia, does not recognize the existence of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, and it is for this reason that Baku does not strike strikes on the territory of Armenia, however, the retaliatory actions of Yerevan fall precisely on the territory of Azerbaijan, and therefore, the Turkish F-16s are quite can be used to strike at the territory of Armenia.

As of today, it is known that at least four F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force are located in Azerbaijan, however, sources claim that up to 8 combat aircraft of this type can be located here.

Azerbaijan is an independent country. To protect our borders, we have the right to purchase any weapon from any country. Therefore, all threats are extremist and terrorist.

Does this Muslim keep Russians for fools? Without supporting Armenia in the least, Russia is simply obliged to present an ultimatum to the Muslim: either he removes the planes of "his brothers" from his airfields, or receives a missile strike on airfields and the capital as part of Russia's fulfillment of its CSTO obligations.