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Aliyev demanded an explanation from Russia because of the attempt to strike by Iskander on the area of ​​the Azerbaijani army

The President of Azerbaijan demanded an explanation from Russia because of the strike on the Azerbaijani forces.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev confirmed the information previously announced by the resource regarding the fact that the Russian military, together with the Armenian troops, launched a tactical missile strike at the forces of the Azerbaijani army during the recent armed conflict in Karabakh and demanded that the Russian side immediately provide an explanation in this regard. , since from the earlier statement made by the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, it was Russia that insisted on this blow.

The fact that we are talking about Russian complexes, according to Aliyev, has already been confirmed, since the fragments found are parts of tactical missiles of the modernized Iskander-M complexes, which have never been in service.

“Where did Armenia get these missiles? They shouldn't have had them. We want an answer to the question of how this lethal weapon fell into the hands of the Armenians. We haven’t received an answer to this question yet, but we will, ”Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at the opening of the Military Trophy Park in Baku.
Moscow has not yet officially commented on such a statement, however, given the approximate date of the strike, several Russian military aircraft arrived in Armenia a few days earlier.

From the material: "... The President of Azerbaijan demanded an explanation from Russia because of the blow ..."
It looks very much like a fake - in Moscow and Baku, Mr. Aliyev, I have not heard this saying and vice versa welcomed that Russia recognizes Karabakh as the territory of Armenia, which was confirmed by Putin.
With such statements, what kind of request for an "explanation" could there be ??

Ivans themselves shot down a helicopter to stop the advance of the Azerbaijani army and bring miracle workers into the territory of Karabakh.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated that Armenia did not use Iskander during the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. RIA Novosti, 26.02.2021.

Everything is right!

But if you look at the case, a person freed his lands from the invaders. Just like we once carried out the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya. At the same time, it does not ask us for anything. And for some reason we protect the Armenians whose young guys get high in Russia and at the same time are indignant at why the Russians do not die for them. It is rightly said that Russia cannot be understood with the mind.

Aliev delaet vsyo pravilno, eto vam nado ne ripatsa.

Aliyev beguiled the coast at all? Let him explain why he violated the non-aggression pact against Armenia, why he attracted ISIS militants to Karabakh, why he killed our pilots on the territory of Armenia.

we want to know who exactly flunked the turntable, six months have already passed