President of Azerbaijan


Aliyev announced the destruction of Russian military equipment and threatened Moscow with harsh measures

The President of Azerbaijan promised Moscow a tough response and spoke about the destroyed Russian military equipment.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that during the armed conflict in Karabakh, Russian military equipment was destroyed, obviously implying that the Russian side supplied its weapons to NKR and Armenia during the conflict.

According to Aliyev, Russian equipment was destroyed during the hostilities. At the same time, Aliyev noted that the Russian side does not fulfill the conditions of the trilateral agreements and expressed the hope that Russia will not arm Armenia, since the conflict is currently settled, while threatening with a tough response in the event of an escalation attempt.

“It seems that the second Karabakh war has not yet become a lesson for everyone. If so, then we are ready to teach a new lesson. Therefore, we hope that Russia will not arm Armenia, as there is no need for this ... The war is over, and there is no point in arming the region ... We do not see this yet. Some of the points in the tripartite statement are still open. Baku expects Moscow to fulfill these points ", - said in an interview with Aliyev.

Experts see threats against Russia in the words of the Azerbaijani leader, believing that in his statements the Azerbaijani leader refers more to Moscow than to Yerevan.

“In the conflict in Karabakh, Russia behaved with restraint, however, an attack on Armenia is completely different. If Azerbaijan wants to attack a Russian ally, the Iskander fictionalized by Aliyev will become real. ", - the expert marks.

Beloved Simonyan, who is screaming Mother Russia, although not Russian, must stop Azerbaijan.

said do not hesitate

Azzrbayjan threatens Russia? A joke like a mouse scared a cat !!!

And Putin forgives everyone's debts, supplies weapons at the expense of future relations ...

Generosity, and only generosity will allow Aliyev to preserve at least a part of the occupied territory of Karabakh. Aliyev can count on something only by giving up a part of the occupied territory.

If not for the CSTO, Azerbaijani troops would have long been stationed in Yerevan. Therefore, Armenians should pray at the CSTO.

What's incomprehensible? The CSTO was tested for operability - it does NOT work. Now they say, like Karabakh is not that, but the fact is the fact. The ally, albeit not the most "decent," but the ally was battered. The CSTO will not last long after this, and if it does, no one perceives it as a general mechanism.

Is Russia an ally of Armenia? Oh well.

We are threatened again, oh God,
It doesn’t look like anything.
Yes, you all understand in this world:
We even have potatoes in their skins.
Nikolai Zinoviev.

The result of the growth of national self-awareness of the peoples of Soviet Russia, which led to wars and poverty of its ordinary citizens, while at the same time establishing paradise for the chosen humanoid under agitation for faith in God and Nazism

Did you buy it? Or maybe she received it as a gift? Where does impoverished Armenia get so much money to buy modern Russian weapons?

"a lot of weapons and military equipment ..." Azerbaijan did not have in the 90s ...

Pasha "Mercedes" (Pavel Grachev) said the same thing before the start of the war in Chechnya ..........

The territory of great Armenia ???

RF today thanks to Putin .. a weak country on its knees ..

And Mr. Aliyev does not take on much, what kind of attack, two inches from the pot and there is a warrior.

The author of this nonsense by the name of Khachikyan?

Is Armenia an ally of the Russian Federation? Oh well

Take a pill for iodine deficiency, Chechnya is Russia.

here in Elista, the market is free of the national element, this is the result of the representatives of the Caucasian people talking to the "az" beginning. Then the Tyumen-Baku train was smashed because of the same bullying, the students of the technical school were beaten from the village of Artezian. Well, the teenagers trashed the train. I was not surprised, not that the boys of adult men drove around the train, but how Lukoil reacted, he immediately closed investments in the republic. Well, at least it is clear who Aleksperov does not stand for.

Little Chechnya, you have already soaked in the toilet in an hour, now, for three hundred years, you will pay tribute and constantly apologize

Both Azerbadzhan and Russia and Turkey are afraid of a high court. A document that confirms all rights to these territories. The document is signed by 18 countries of the world, including the signature of Turkey. This is the only legally recognized document. It is impossible to avoid this. This is a document signed by Woodrow Wilson. Where the territory of great Armenia is clearly written.

Pro-Armenian fake information.

He didn't say that. This is a lie and a provocation. Aliyev is not a fool and will never stand up to Erdogan. Otherwise, Azerbaijani tomatoes, watermelons, oil will become Turkish, and Azerbaijan will disappear. For Russia, one muddy neighbor will become less, it will be easier to negotiate with Erdogan.

Another Armenian proporganda. How can you not salt? And it will not work.



Where are you in Azerbaijan a million Russians were there? you don't even have Russian speakers.

They are all afraid of the document signed by Woodrow Wilson.

The title of the article and the text of the article itself are far from what Aliyev said. There is no need to kindle and reverse the meaning of his statements.

That Aliyev throws watermelons over Russia, hid behind Erdogan's back and became a hero.

This is fake. He didn’t say it. It’s the Armenians who make it up.

Azerbaijan performs certain functions of control and coordination in the implementation of the Islamic yoke in Russia.
These threats indicate that the Islamists' assessment of the ruling regime in Russia is "below the floor", that none of them will be careful in pursuing an aggressive course (including by military means), Azerbaijan is giving Moscow a signal that it will have to deal with Erdogan, whom the president of the Russian Federation is very afraid ...

The real answer will be received when all his fellow tribesmen are trampled from the markets of Russia.

If the Azeris win, then it is necessary to help the Aras, but if the Ars win, then verbally you can support the Azeris but not give weapons ... During the 1st Karabakh war, Russia fully helped the Aram ... It remained for the Azeris how not to turn to their brothers, the Turks ... Well, the Turks, of course, armed, trained and helped with military advisers and instructors ... And the result is obvious, the complete defeat of the Armenian Armed Forces and the return of Karabakh ...

of these 150 million people, 2,5 million are Azeris and 2,3 million ares who sold their homeland and work for ROSSIYU.tak that where RUSSIA will be will be decided by RUSSIA and not Azeris and Ars.

Even there Ilham misguided the pedals, even if the weapon is Russian, but what does it matter to you. Half of the world buys it from us.

Aliyev could not threaten Russia. His entire Azerbaijan can be destroyed by the Caspian Sea flotilla in less than an hour.

Of course, not without that, it is necessary to realize that the Armenians are not angels, just the Ayzers are not devils.

What else to expect if even the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is ara.

... another Bonaparte \ Dudaev?

There were a lot of weapons and military equipment captured by the Armenians from the Azerbaijanis as trophies back in the 90s.

In Artsakh-Karabakh, the Armenians had a lot of equipment captured from the Azerbaijanis during the first Karabakh war. They repaired it and put it into operation.

Russian please?

Russia has never delivered anything to the NKR, and will not deliver. All the weapons there were from Armenia, which Armenia bought from the Russian Federation. I bought and will buy. This is the sovereign right of any country.

Who is our friend with us

He feels himself king of the Caucasus. The Turk promised him the post of Shah of the Caucasus.

One of the seven territories of the globe in Russia. And 150 million population. But this is not enough. We must also. Where is the conflict there and Russia. Then China or India, what to do?

Ay pug know she is strong that barks at an elephant

Russia does not accept any threats.

Overeat white that we no longer feel the Russians

Aliyev can shake his terrible rattles as much as he wants. Who is afraid of him? Probably gdp?

The watermelon seller took courage))

Now calculate how much Russia will send if it wants to answer, and at the same time calculate what Azerbaijan's losses will be, the loss of the market for vegetables and fruits

did you hear yourself?

It was impossible for him to say that, to threaten the tembolle,

He will agree, the Taliban visit him, they are our friends, although forbidden,

There is a need to arm Armenia or not, this does not concern anyone except Russia and Armenia, for example, and we ourselves will resolve these issues without outside advice and even more threats, Azerbajan is neither a brotherly nor a friendly people for Russia, but rather our enemies, so. no need to grind your teeth while they are still there

Wait for the 11th army

This is misinformation, exposed by Hai provocateurs. In an interview, President Aliyev pointed out to Moscow that all the equipment supplied to the Hayam had been destroyed by our Armed Forces in 30 years. Aliyev called Moscow to account for new supplies of weapons on the territory of Karabakh.

Armenians cannot live without meanness and dirt. During the second Karabakh war, they were unable to involve Russia in their immoral affairs. Therefore, now, deliberately violating the ceasefire clauses, they are trying to drag Russia into their immoral acts. Fortunately, the Russian authorities still have smart people and they understand well the meaning of the vile efforts of the Armenians.

Looks like turkish whitewash

And I think we will not count Azerbaijanis then. Probably your population will grow dramatically.

How can Aliyev not threaten us? If we slept for 3a for several weeks, that today 3a 4 o'clock a whole country has arisen, a whole considerable state of Afghanistan whose government is becoming the group "Forbidden in our country." How so the Russian Foreign Ministry.

... Putin will thank you for increasing his population and decreasing yours. The question of demography has not been canceled, but here is such a gift)

Azerbaijan will never do this. Russians have always lived in Azerbaijan and will continue to live. And Aliyev is a smart and wise politician. This disinformation must have been invented by the Armenians.

And you can defile others ?? you have to learn to respect each other ...

Azerbaijan potatoes in Moscow - 40R Yesterday I bought ... Yes, and other vegetables ...

In Russia, this will not be forgiven. Where will you earn for the sweet life in Azerbaijan after that? Or do you think it will be the same?


And where did he say that ??? I watched the attached YouTube video there and there is no word there and there is no word about it, we are talking about the restoration of territories that have been mined by Armenian armed gangs in the territory of Azerbaijani Karabakh for 30 years. If, as the Armenians say, Karabakh is their land and homeland, then the question is why did they mine everything there ???

Impudent. Insults cannot be swallowed ...

We have weapons more serious than the Iskander - we will send back to Azerbaijan all the traders who have flooded our cities.
Then Aliyev himself will have to flee to Turkey.



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