Alligator found in the Chicago airport.


Alligator found in the Chicago airport.

November 10 2013. Under the escalator at the international airport of Chicago, found a small alligator cm long 30. 1 Reptile discovered in November by representatives of the staff, who immediately called the police. He came along was able to catch the crocodile bin, covered her head. As a result of the accident victims.

No one knows exactly how the alligator was able to penetrate into the airport, and how much time he was there. The police handed over an alligator in the hands of professionals, where he was examined and seeking treatment.

The president of the herpetological society, where the crocodile was sent, said that as soon as his condition improves, he will immediately be sent to a crocodile farm in another state.

Animals that are near the city can sometimes come to crowded places. In October, 2013, the alligator came to a supermarket in Florida and thus forced the staff to close the door so that visitors would not suffer. And in September of the same year, under the bed, the crocodile was found by the director of a hostel in Zimbabwe. 

It is not clear why it took a toothy cub to come to the airport. Do not ride on the airplane? Perhaps the reason for his appearance will of the people, rather than a desire animal. Small crocodile has not dangerous, but to see the adult reptile under his bed, I would not want to.
Initially, parrots and rysenok, then bug, today little toothy lizard, who will be next? Hopefully not an adult tiger. Poor control and incomprehensible desire to animals caused transformation
Some airports in place of a visit by representatives of wildlife, other points of the illegal shipment of animals to other regions.