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Algeria refused to Russia to create a military base on its territory

Algeria did not allow Russia to build a military base on its territory.

Russian information sources, citing data from the Algerian media, report that Algeria does not intend to grant Russia the right to establish military facilities on its territory in the near future, including naval and air force bases. Information about the interest of the Russian side in this appeared about a month ago, but this information was not officially confirmed. According to the Russian information publication Kadara, Algeria intends to limit its interaction with Russia only to military-technical cooperation.

“Algeria has no plans to create a Russian military base on its territory. Interaction is limited to military-technical cooperation "- сообщает Russian information network edition "Kadara".

Experts draw attention to the fact that Russia is really very interested in strengthening its positions around the world, in particular, after information about the beginning of the construction of a Russian naval base in Sudan appeared, it became known about the probable deployment of Russian naval bases in Cuba, Venezuela and in Algeria, however, the authorities of this African state denied such information.

Ok, now we know our potential enemies

Algeria was an impartial country during the Cold War. Algeria did not allow the Soviet Union to establish bases on its territory, despite the fact that it was an important ally of the Soviets and adhered to the same socialist approach. A military base that could affect security and stability in Algeria ... which claimed a million and a half during the Algerian revolution ... Algeria has refused to establish a base for American troops on its territory before and is trying to pressure its neighbors not to received bases that could affect regional security ... We value good relations with our most important ally "Russia" in the face of the old colonial power. NATO
The military base does not serve the security of the region and could escalate the conflict and turn North Africa into a second Middle East.

East. No Su-57, no base :)



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