Su-57 Putin


Americans slipped fake characteristics about Russian Su-57

The American military was given false information about the work of Russian fifth generation fighters.

The US military received inaccurate information about the latest Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters. This was done specifically in order to confuse American military intelligence, after which there was a lot of criticism against Russian combat aircraft, in which the Su-57 was called imperfect and hopeless combat vehicles.

The reason for such a statement was the fact that leading American news agencies, referring to US intelligence data, provide very dubious data regarding the weapons used by Russian fighters, the characteristics of systems, etc., moreover, in some publications, data appear on the Su-57 systems, which , in fact, can never be used on a modern aircraft due to their obsolescence.

Given the fact that the Russian Su-57 fighter is quite interested in Washington, since in the near future these aircraft will begin to enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, information for American intelligence could have been deliberately slipped into, however, they are unreliable in order to bring the American side into misconception, including this applies to the characteristics that the Su-57 is not a "stealth" fighter, although today there is reliable evidence that these combat aircraft are not visible to radars even at short distances.

In general, airplanes do not work, they are operated and fly, but people, units, installations, etc. usually work.

And whose statement?