The Americans reached the Khmeimim airbase - the US Air Force B-52 bombers worked out a strike on the Russian airbase in Syria

Washington and its allies have worked out a large-scale strike against the Russian Aerospace Forces airbase in Syria.

The US Air Force, together with Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Denmark and a number of other states, worked out a large-scale air strike against a Russian military airbase in Syria. Russian partners such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates provided not only the provision of current information on Russian aircraft at this military airfield, but also provided support for American aircraft, providing tankers and fighters for cover.

A day earlier, it really became known about the suspicious activity of NATO aviation, however, apparently, the appearance of several aircraft over the waters of the Black Sea was of a distracting nature, and, thanks to the direct support of Turkey, American strategic bombers managed to approach the Russian military airbase at a very short distance.

“At the moment, the US Air Force B-52H Stratofortress strategic bomber has been spotted over the Mediterranean. Boeing E-8C JSTARS control aircraft is working on UAE ", - this is reported by "Telegram" -channel "Military Observer", publishing the corresponding pictures.

At the moment, it is known that the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces did not rise to intercept American bombers.

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