The Americans promised to show the downed Su-57 fighter in the new Hollywood action movie

Tom Cruise will be allowed to destroy the Russian Su-57 in a new Hollywood action movie.

The American media reported that the newest Hollywood action movie Top Gun: Maverick will demonstrate the destruction of a Russian Su-57 fighter jet by a combat aircraft under the control of Tom Cruise. According to the publication "The National Interest", in the new Hollywood action movie, the main battle will be against the latest Russian fifth generation fighter, which will eventually be destroyed.

“While Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski have not officially disclosed the brand of the enemy fighter, licensed Top Gun toys and memorabilia from the Matchbox series of aircraft models offer some clues. At this point, the Matchbox lineup states that the Top Gun franchise has an F-14 Tomcat, an F / A-18 Super Hornet (which is considered the main fighter in the film), an F-35B Joint Strike Fighter, and an SR-72 Darkstar. According to Alex Hollings, who is an analyst for The National Interest, the Top Gun Matchbox toy bears a striking resemblance to the Russian Su-57 stealth fighter. The Russian Su-57 may have been used in the film as a "bad guy" plane, and with the director's technology the plane could look as real as a real Su-57. Another choice would be the Chinese J-20 fighter. However, since changes were already being made to the film to reassure the public in China, branding Russian fighters as enemy aircraft seemed more beneficial. "- сообщает the publication "Eurasian Times", citing information from "The National Interest".

Experts note that the United States could well have taken such a step in order not only to annoy Russia, but also to promote the dubious superiority of its combat aircraft over the Russian fifth generation fighter.

this will probably be shown in the film how they all with this armada of already built f-35 and f-22 chased one su-57 with an engine from a su-27 and, through incredible heroic efforts, in the end managed to destroy it)))

"Questionable" superiority? And this is 187 F-22 and 612 F-35 as of 21.01.21/1/57 against 27 (one) serial (pre-production) Su-XNUMX with an engine from the Su-XNUMX? Well then I'm Moishe

Who would doubt it))) The US Army is strong thanks to Hollywood))) Cinema traditions are strong and the quality of work is high.