Zrpk shell


Americans seized the Russian Pantsir-S1E air defense missile system with technical documentation

The American military managed to get at its disposal the Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-S1E".

The American military managed to get at its disposal at least one Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-S1E" (export version - editor's note), which was exported from Libya to Germany for further study of this weapon. It is known that the complex received by the American military did not actually suffer, while the complex arrived in Germany along with technical documentation.

“As it became known to The Times, the Russian anti-aircraft missile-gun system, captured on the battlefield in Libya, was delivered safe and sound to the US airbase in Germany during a secret mission. The operation was ordered amid fears that the Pantsir-C1 air defense system, which can easily shoot down civilian planes, could fall into the hands of militias or arms smugglers in the war-torn North African country. ", - the edition "The Times" informs.

Apparently, the US military violated agreements with the forces of the Libyan National Army and used their capabilities against the army of Khalifa Haftar, which could lead to rather unpleasant consequences for Washington.

Experts believe that the Americans will try to copy the Russian military vehicle, but first of all they will look for its vulnerabilities.

I think for such cases, the mines should be equipped with pyrotechnic charges in the main nodes that can be remotely detonated. The effects should burn out the boards with a high temperature, and so the Americans will now disassemble them to the cogs and make their own version that will recognize our planes, etc., and then they will say that they came up with it.

I think that he was not captured, but bought. Especially with the documentation.

And if he is driven into a hangar where GPS and satellite communications cannot be caught?

it's okay, because the export options differ from those used in our troops, and the subsequent ones can be modified programmatically and in hardware

I agree that the performance characteristics of exports are reduced, and the frequencies are not the same.

It is necessary to provide for remote destruction in export options, for example, from a satellite.

Why not, when exporting such weapons, lay down an elimination system when an attempt is made to leave the product from the zone of intended use? Like - please, dear Libyans, use it. But when exporting outside the country or attempting to dismantle equipment, there will be a big bar.

Here is a real special operation! Now rewards, valuable gifts! Feat and complete success, worthy of "example" !!!!
One but! Wasn't it cheaper to just buy?

With documentation? Maybe then they bought it, and did not steal it?

While Russia was occupied by Bezdelnik and his supporters, the United States was exporting the Panzar, although the same Liberasts claim that the Russian weapon is Metalal. So it turns out the Superpower is tyrit with Metal. Until the authorities are occupied with internal enemies.

And what is the sadness, what state secret can one say when every high-ranking official has foreign citizenship and property abroad.

maybe they themselves sold out drunkenly, sobered up, came up with a quick ridiculous version.

They so sold EXPORT !!!
That's why it is an export version that there are no secrets.
The United States has long crawled up and down these shells. Well, the photo, this photo has been walking for a long time, the first time it came out in articles that like the first shell in Libya was knocked out.

Algorithms are interesting there. And TD is not only IE. This means you have not worked with a TD on products in the field.

They can't even write correctly. Made in Russia and owned by Libya. UAE bought and transferred. A US ally could immediately transfer the UAE without complicated manipulations. The sensation is about nothing. Blizzard.

And during the Great Patriotic War, all mechanized military equipment was blown up along with them so that they would not get to the enemy ...

After assembly, process with a file)))

Then the product is processed with a file and you get the Shell.

Maybe 18 hours to let me think and go grab it back? ... I can keep the defense on my couch ...

Technical documentation for covid vaccine.

Only laugh at the Americans. They have already seized from the Turks s-400 e (!), Export assembly. Now this. To your health! And for us to laugh.

I took it out and immediately to the scrap metal point! He (Carapace) showed his "power)" in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict ... ... his Azerbaijani army at the parade like rubbish rolled.

Maybe not kidnapped, but bought?

Soon there will be news of the arrest of someone for treason on this occasion. It's not just that they could get hold of it, especially with the documentation

Technical documentation is the "operating manual" or technical data sheet that comes with each product.

people comment, but they do not remember the essence of what is being commented on. According to the version of the article (most likely very plausible), the Pantsir-1SE air defense system was acquired by Saudi Arabia and handed over to Haftar. The Saudis are allies of the United States. So everything is in order with the documentation, there is in Arabic, but in English, for sure, too ...))

Ready to help in mastering

Do you think about Russia?

And the documentation is probably in Latin, with what fright the document in the glove compartment will be willed.?

And what is so new and secret there, especially with the letter "E" (export) !!! Everything is simple and understandable like a Chinese umbrella, the point is in missiles and their guidance systems, advanced only in the Russian Federation, ON EXPORTS are usual and well-known. So the flag is in their hands !!!

Before selling to anyone, you need to think about Russia, not about your wallet

Will do - will receive a tractor Belarus

True, there is no need to worry - the letter "E" means "Export" and it differs from the basic one adopted by the RF Armed Forces. BUT CALCULATIONS ARE WORKING, and not a sasa machine on its own, the experience of the last three decades shows that, in compliance with the instructions and safety rules, the Arab soldiers are not doing well and here we observe in numerous forms, the defeat of the air defense system in an inoperative state and rest in the shadow of the calculation during duty , and now the capture of the air defense system.

Why worry, they are still not capable of anything)

Why copy it? Americans, Germans and others had similar complexes before the Soviets. This is only a Russian manufacturing concept

Our special services can only watch how our state is being killed

But this is version 1, also export ...

it's a pity that our special services did not destroy it along the way ...