Rocket firing


US Bagram Air Base Attacked by Missile

Militants attacked the American military airbase.

This morning, the militants launched a series of powerful rocket attacks on the US military airbase Bagram, located on the territory of Afghanistan. Official comments from the US are not yet available, but as reported by social networks, there are victims as a result of the attack.

It is reported that the attack on the US military airbase Bagram had a classic character, in particular, several missiles were fired at the American military facility, after which it was fired from RPGs and mortars.

Since the beginning of this month, this is the third attack on the US military airbase, while, as experts note, the intensity of the attacks is increasing every time.

According to some reports, the attack was carried out from a distance of several kilometers, presumably northwest of the Bagram military airbase.

It should be clarified that this week the US military lost in Afghanistan at least two unmanned aerial vehicles, which were shot from automatic small arms from the ground.