UAV RQ-4 Global Hawk


American aircraft spotted in Donbass

American military aircraft have been spotted in the skies over Donbass.

The American military decided to intervene in the situation in Donbass and provided the Ukrainian military with information regarding the weapons deployed in the region, as well as Russian weapons located near the Ukrainian border (according to the latest data, we are talking about an army of 40 thousand servicemen of the RF Armed Forces - ed. ) By performing reconnaissance with the simultaneous use of one strategic reconnaissance drone and two military reconnaissance aircraft.

"In addition to the RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV, a British reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W, an American AWACS aircraft E-3 and an anti-submarine aircraft R-8A are now being observed in the Black Sea region," Militarist reports from Telegram.

Earlier there was information that Kiev postponed an offensive operation in Donbass to the second half of April, although a few hours ago the information resource became aware that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to transfer military equipment and weapons to Donbass, in particular, we are talking about additional means of field artillery, which is probably planned to be used in conjunction with Turkish shock and reconnaissance UAVs.